The Elegance of Fire


The world has become my country. I travel around it as a photographer and witness the way it drifts between war and peace. My home base is Paris, but I bear witness to the wounds of our humanity as a whole.
In 1987, I was invited to Baku and was very much looking forward to seeing the city. I knew that I would find an echo of my childhood there. This was my first time in Azerbaijan, and later I went there often, covering the decisive, tragic moments of the country’s history in 1990 and 1992 for the international media.
Over the following decades, I met people from the towns and the mountains as I walked across a country that I wanted discover and explore with my own eyes.
Azerbaijan, the Elegance of Fire is a visual and poetic journey, a pictorial witness of how the country is evolving, and of the variety and wealth of its ancestral cultural identity.


Elegance of Fire
Photographs: REZA
Text: Rachel Deghati
Size : 450 x 345 mm
Nomber of pages: 296 pages
Date of publication: November 2014
ISBN : 978-9952-499-00-1
Cover: Hard

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Dimensions 44 × 33 × 4 cm
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