Language: French
Size: 125 x 190 mm
Number of pages: 192
Publication date: December 2023
Publishing: sama éditions
Genre: Novel
Era: XXe century
ISBN: 9782916698090

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The author: 

Pierre Bongiovanni has been working on different types of artistic production for four decades. Author, publisher of magazines, director, curator of national and international artistic events, he created and directed the Pierre Schaeffer International Video Creation Center, then led the prefiguration of the building of the Gaîté Lyrique site in Paris. He dedicates himself to writing and to the activities of Maison Laurentine, a center for research and artistic creation.


In a world doomed to headwinds, the souls, the creatures, the entities of Albapetra are aware of their exceptional destiny. Their universality opens gaps in the savagery of time and reveals the best of humanity. In the village, They are survivors, embodying, without fanfare, a presence in the world resolutely oriented towards the side of light.

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