Poetic frame


With the author’s dry stamp
Unsigned print
Size 15×23″ (40 x 60 cm)

Original photo by Reza

Russia, along Baïkal Lake
I was with my 15 years old son, on a long trip from Beijing to Paris. The first step of a promise I made to him when he was 8, to share a trip on different roads of the world when he will be 15.
This was the first trip. A time to discover countries, people and each of us.
A time to see some apparently insignifiant details full of poetry… Like this compartment’s window on a train from Ulaan-Baator (Mongolia) to Irkutsk (Russia) along the Baikal Lake located on the siberian taiga. This is a famous lake for its protected biodiveristy.


With the author’s dry stamp
Unsigned print
Size: 15×23″ (40×60 cm)

Original print on photographic paper
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