Kurdes. Les chants brûlés (Book in French)


There are between 12 and 25 million of them, no one knows the exact figure, spread out over Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Their villages and fields are systematically burned, the inhabitants evicted, deported or massacred. A former nomadic people, they have become refugees and exiles.

Reza, an Iranian exile since 1981, photographed the Kurdish uprising against the Iranian regime of Khomeini in 1979. For 16 years, this courageous and committed reporter, who works for the National Geographic magazine, has continually borne witness to the implacable struggle of the Kurds for freedom and autonomy.

The Kurds descend from one of the oldest oriental cultures. However, their great poets have been reduced to silence for a long time; speaking or writing Kurd is considered a crime and leads to imprisonment, torture or death. The Kurds’ songs are extinguished.


  • Format: 115 x 180 mm
  • Number of pages: 142 pages
  • Date of publication: January 1st, 1995
  • ISBN: 3-7165-0961-2
  • Publisher : Benteli
  • Cover : Flexible

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